Most schools have excellent systems for making sure that no one is exposed to asbestos. However a few are not as conscientious, and their lack of planning and implementing a workable asbestos management plan means that asbestos can be damaged and the dangerous fibres can be released. As parents, teachers and ancillary staff you have a vested interest in making sure that your school has a good asbestos management plan and that the school authorities take the necessary measures to ensure that it works. The guidance in this paper is not meant to be the “Complete Guide to Managing Asbestos” however if these measure are implemented then the school will have a workable plan. Look at your school’s plan, ask questions and decide for yourselves whether the school are doing their best to assure your safety and that of your children.

Further Reading

If you want to know more then read the HSE publication “A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Asbestos In Premises.” This is a well written book with some very good practical guidance, however when you are reading it, do bear in mind the reservations that have been raised in this paper over the present laws and guidance when applied to schools. This book can be bought from HSE Publications details of which are on the HSE web site. Other guidance is given in HSE publication "Asbestos Essentials". It can be downloaded from the web htttp:// . This gives practcal guidance on simple tasks that the school's maintenace staff and caretakers might be expected to carry out. It is worth reading as it precisely lays out the precautions that should be taken when asbestos materials are involved, for instnce when changing a light bulb or painting a ceiling.


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