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Asbestos in schools

As you will know your own MP will nomally only take up the cases of his own constituents and then they are normally very good at following up factual, well thought out problems.

Your MP can normally be contacted by email. The House of Commons web site lists MPs by constituencies and their email address and postal address. This is the link:

We suggest that you email with your own concerns, about your own school, in your own words as this will be the most effective way. We suggest you let him see the one page list of objectives we have, if you agree with them, or choose the ones you think most important in your school and mention those. Please mention the campaign and your support for it

Aternatively, if you are sending a letter, then please send in our one page list of objectives, if you agree with them, or select the ones relevant to you and ask him to lobby for them and support the campaign.

We are always happy to speak to MPs if they need explanation or facts.


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This campaign is organised by Richard Lees. It is based on research by Michael Lees.Although Michael Lees totally agrees with the objecctives and with the campaign, the campaign is not run by him. Statements made by the campaign, whether on this web site or elsewhere, should not be quoted as being from Michael Lees, or, necessarily approved by him.

Michael Lees authoritative research can be seen at and that is approved by him, closely referenced and can be quoted,