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Asbestos in schools

There is simple action you can take.

Is your child being exposed to asbestos at school? 

Find out whether your school has asbestos in it and assess how well it is managed using the information and guidance we give on what to ask. Ask for the information from the Local Education Authority, or from the school.

Compare the answers with the facts given in the papers that are available on this site. Decide if the answers and the tests are satisfactory.

Compare our list of objectives with what is happening in your school and assess whether you are being told the whole truth about past cumulative exposure, the asbestos management procedures and the future controls being put in place.

 Join our campaign to find out

If you do not have complete confidence in the asbestos management system then join our campaign for these simple, common sense objectives.The list is one page long and you can download it, print it or add it to an email

Send the list to your MP, to your local councillor or to your local paper, national paper or magazine saying why you are personally worried and ask them to take action.

Tell blogs, internet education forums, on line newssheets the problem and ask them to campaign for our objectives. If they feature anything on asbestos in schools then tell them about this site.

Sign up If you would like more information then please register here and we will send you a newsletter as things develop. We do not send spam, we will respect your confidentiality. See our privacy policy

Forum We will be producing a forum in the near future where you can join a community to tell us your story and discuss the way forward. The forum will be as closely monitored as practicable in order to avoid over-dramatisation, and, as far as possible, to ensure that each statement has a sound factual basis.

Contact Us We are private individuals with jobs to do and so cannot reply to every email or give advice on individual situations to the many people who already ask us for information. But, if you have an incident in your child's school, we would like to know. If you are willing to help in the campaign please also contact us. Please send us an email at

and tell us what is happening. We will respect your confidences completely and reply as promptly as we can

or leave a message on 0845 8738098 (answer phone).

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This campaign is organised by Richard Lees. It is based on research by Michael Lees.Although Michael Lees totally agrees with the objecctives and with the campaign, the campaign is not run by him. Statements made by the campaign, whether on this web site or elsewhere, should not be quoted as being from Michael Lees, or, necessarily approved by him.

Michael Lees authoritative research can be seen at and that is approved by him, closely referenced and can be quoted,