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Please use this form to receive information on asbestos in schools as it happens. We will send an occasional email with new papers, information and latest developments. We hate spam as we get several hundred a day and would not send it. Each email we send in response to this application will have an automatic unsubscribe faility on it so you can stop receiving the information whenever you want.

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For regular updates and further information send an email to, Please title it (or put in the text): "Send updates on asbestos in schools" and we will handle it manually.

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If you wish to contact me with referenced facts about asbestos in schools - or in your school - I will be delighted to hear from you - referenced photographs are very useful of damaged walls, ceilings etc where there is asbestos suspected. I will respect any request for confidentiality.

We will want to use information on a suspected incident - but will be keen not to overdramatise it. We normally ask local papers and individuals to ask questions that we suggest and then decide themselves whether the answers are satisfactory. If all is well we are delighted!

We also need referenced information for persuading authority to change their policy to one of open, effective asbestos management.

We will respect any request for confidentiality.

We will do our best to answer emails promptly, but we are exceptionally busy and apologise if it takes longer than we would like.

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We will never share your email address, and we hate spam and would not send it.

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This campaign is organised by Richard Lees. It is based on research by Michael Lees.Although Michael Lees totally agrees with the objecctives and with the campaign, the campaign is not run by him. Statements made by the campaign, whether on this web site or elsewhere, should not be quoted as being from Michael Lees, or, necessarily approved by him.

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